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Before I came to see Dr. Dan, I had suffered in excruciating chronic pain for roughly 5 years.  I suffer from a condition known as Interstitial Cystitis, which causes severe bladder pain, pressure and urgency.  I began my journey 6 years ago with a urologist who performed a procedure that only made things worse, and spent subsequent years seeing more urologists, getting acupuncture, doing physical therapy, hypnosis, meeting with pain specialists, seeking therapy for the impact the disease was having on my life, buying every conceivable supplement touted to help my symptoms, suffering, losing hope, and even landing in the ER.  My faith in God is unshaken, but I wondered often if I was ever to see relief in my lifetime.  Shortly before seeing Dr. Dan, I considered a life on heavy pain medication and even a spinal epidural to numb the pain.  Things were bad, to say the least.  There was a fire burning within me to HEAL my body, not mask the symptoms or cope.  God as done wonders with His earthly creations, and I was going to discover a holistic, safe approach to my recovery if it was the last thing I did.

I was skeptical when I was referred to Dr. Dan, as I had tried so many other routes to recovery, but I was willing to try anything.  The thing that set him apart from everyone else I had met with over 5 years was that he got what I was telling him: the whole history, the mountain of symptoms and paperwork I had, the lab tests, the stories.  No, he didn’t have an immediate answer, but he was listening, the wheels were turning, we were becoming a team.  I felt like I was in the right place for the first time in a long time.

Dr. Dan was frank about the length of time it would take to see results, and it took months and months like he had warned.  During the first several months, I was still in pain, eating like a rabbit due to food restrictions, and paying hundreds of dollars for something I only had faith in.  But soon, I would hit a milestone: I could do something without pain that I hadn’t been able to do for years.  It was not always easy to hang on during the treatment, to trust it.  In fact, I even went off of the program prematurely because I thought I was well enough to get by on my own after so many months.  This was not the case.  I also wanted to know if I was getting better for reasons other than the supplements.  It was clear I was reliant on Dr. Dan’s program, and I was okay with that.  All I cared about was that I had access to it.  It was working; I had found my way out of a living hell.

Gradually, the trend continued and I saw glimpses of what it would be like to live free of pain.  Over time, I had more energy, I wanted to do things again, I could exercise without pain, I wasn’t upset and irritable all the time.  Now, just over a year later, I have my life back.  I am not 100% cured because there was a lot of damage, but I have a normal, wonderful, full, and happy life.  Once in a great while I would have a moment of pain and discomfort, but they are a shadow of the chronic, awful pain I was constantly living in… a reminder to never forget about my health. Dr. Dan is far and away one of the greatest miracles that have come into my life.  I am forever grateful and I highly recommend listening to what he has to say in regards to your own health challenge.  Take his advice seriously!  Things can be hard but also very rewarding if you stick it through to the end.

- J.H. 04-2014

When I began treatment with Dr. Dan for my thyroid and high blood pressure I was on the highest dose of Synthroid they could prescribe. I was also on a high dose of Blood pressure meds. The side effects from the combination of these two drugs were horrible. I had been to the ER several times for high blood pressure. They told me I would be on these meds for the rest of my life. I could not imagine. I am no longer taking Synthroid or Blood pressure meds. Both are under control and I have been off both of them for over two years now. No more back pain from the side effects and I am a healthier than I have been in many years.

-David S 4-09-2018

My many debilitating, painful, and overwhelming symptoms related to FIBROMYALGIA and CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME are gone and I feel as though I have been released from prison. I can lead a normal life now. I am no longer stuck at home in bed because of crushing exhausting fatigue, pain,
bladder/bowel problems, numerous digestive problems, and on and on. The symptoms that have been resolved are just too many to mention. I cannot say enough on how Dr. Dan's care has changed my life for the better. Dr. Dan and his entire staff are very helpful and kind.

- Carol C 4-09-2018

Before I had no energy and had many breathing problems with lungs. I had concussion symptoms and couldn't lose weight.

Now I can breath better and have a little more energy, and I just feel better overall. I'm glad I have done what I have done here so far and can't wait to figure out more things.

- K.C. 11/22/17

I was extremely ill, could barely eat anything. I had anxiety and panic attacks. My body hurt everywhere and I had no energy. The symptoms that I was experiencing were endless. I was very scared for my life.

It has been a long road but Dr.Dan has helped me to take my life back! I don't have panic attacks anymore and very little anxiety. When I have anxiety, I know now what is causing it. My body has not been able to detox for years and this process has turned on my ability to detox, and so many other symptoms/problems have been healed. Dr.Dan has saved my life!

- D.C. 11/22/17

I had fainted for unknown reasons and had suffered from a concussion due to the fall on February 9th. I had gone through concussion protocol but had another accident fall about a month later. After this 2nd fall, I could not shake off the recurring concussion symptoms. I had visited many doctors, trying to seek relief and answers. I tried prescription medications, chiropractic techniques, concussion glasses, diet plans, music therapy, and AARP wave therapy. Months had gone by and I was still having intense headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, tingling throughout my body, sensitivity to light and sound, and even my personality had shifted. During this time, my wedding was approaching, and I knew that if some miracle didn't happen soon, I was going to have to put it on hold.

On June 14th, just 10 days before my wedding, I went to see Dr.Dan. Within the first appointment, Dr.Dan targeted the areas of my brain that were damaged and also found the reason as to why I fainted in the first place in February, which no doctor had an explanation for, or had even bothered to look into. I experienced no headaches, fainting, or nausea on my wedding day! After my 2nd visit, I no longer had intense headaches and no longer had to wear my concussion glasses. The symptoms had dramatically decreased or went away! After following through with Dr.Dan's program, I was completely healed from my concussion in August. The lord and Dr.Dan partnered together to provide me with hope! I now leave the doctor's office with no fear, no confusion, and confidence that I will obtain optimal health at Infinite Wellness.

- T.M. 11/13/17

My feet had contracted something which made them painful and produced large fissures and large patches of skin that would come off. I had a very difficult time walking and took painkillers to make it through my 8 hour shift at the hospital. I had seen a general family practice physician who recommended a podiatrist who recommended several different dermatologists. None of these doctors were able to fix my feet. The only physician who briefly healed my feet was a dermatologist who prescribed high dose, very expensive steroids which I would need to take for the rest of my life (a biologic medication). Depression had set in because prior to all this I would run regularly and had finished several half marathons. I was told I would NEVER run again. 12 months from the beginning of my painful journey I went to see Dr. Dan because "what could it hurt?" He took on a skeptical, sad, nurse who had high requirements of him! I took the supplements exactly as dosed for me, I saw him regularly, and ate/avoided the foods he suggested. 24 months after the beginning of my painful journey I ran a teary mile for the first time! What a joyous day! I thought I would never come to this day and here I was running!!!!! It took time and commitment but Dr. Dan helped heal my feet, among others things along the way and I do not have to take painkillers or steroids for the rest of my life just to get through! Thank you Dr. Dan!!!!!


I have followed chiropractic and naturopathic medicine for much of my life, I always found myself to be very healthy, and have done A LOT of research on health and wellness. I had just had a baby when I came to Dr. Dan for "overall wellness" and got so much more. Dr. Dan did Nutrition Response Testing on me and determined I needed to take certain supplements and to avoid certain foods to improve this...

… And it was improved. I had a very abundant milk supply for my daughter since then, and with avoiding certain foods she was so much happier, and showed much less discomfort after feedings. Since then Dr. Dan has helped with SO much more, I have had a calcium issue my entire life, not being able to absorb calcium well, and had ankle pain and wrist pains. Dr. Dan was able to relate this to my parathyroid gland, which regulates calcium in the body, and it took some time but this also resolved and I have never felt better! I had started to develop other joint pains which were related to metals in my body, and this too has resolved. We are also following with Dr. Dan for our second pregnancy to assure that our baby is getting everything he/she needs from me throughout our pregnancy. I am very glad to have an alternative to "regular" chemical medicine. THANK YOU IWC!!


 Our daughter was about 3 months old when we initially brought her in to see Dr. Dan. She was strictly breast-fed, and I was very adamant about making healthy choices and eating the right kinds of foods. Yet for some reason she was always crying after feedings, spit up a lot, and had a spell of sinus drainage right at the time we brought her in. I had been told by the pediatrician we should put her on acid reflux medication, and potentially stop breast feeding and turn to formula. Well neither of these were an option for us, being in the healthcare field myself I just try to avoid medications at all costs, and knew that breastfeeding was ultimately the BEST option for her. So we came in to Dr. Dan to "hopefully" find a more reasonable explanation for this...

... And WE DID!!! The difference in our daughter was amazing. Dr. Dan did the Nutrition Response Testing on her, and the explanation was so simple... I was to avoid ALL corn products (this was kind of hard because corn is IN EVERYTHING) but we did it, and the difference, like I said, was amazing. She was so much happier as a baby, less crying in pain, the spitting up was resolved, and the sinus drainage was resolved. We have continued regularly with Dr. Dan. He has helped us with a cough, and a rash, and just for overall wellness. Our daughter is very healthy, very happy, and very smart! We are SO GLAD we have a safe and effective alternative to regular chemical medicine. THANK YOU IWC!

-N.L., mother of M.L.

Before I came to see Dr. Dan I was having a lot of pain in my side which would move to my lower back. I was tired all the time and I couldn't handle stress well at all. My mother gave me the option to go to a medical doctor to get poked and prodded whereas here I was examined using Nutrition Response Testing and it was PAIN FREE! I was thankful because I am an 18 year old scaredy-cat when it comes to physical pain.

Now I feel so much better. I'm not tired anymore and have much more energy to handle any stress in my life. I have not been sick for a good 6 months now! Nutrition Response Testing has really done me a world of good. The nutrition plan was so simple and effective, I see now I didn't need to go through ANY pain at all.


Before I came in I was having hot flashes on and off every day and during the night. This was a big interruption and was affecting my sleep at night. I was miserable! I was wiping sweat off my forehead several times a day. I went to see Dr. Dan hoping he could do something for me. I was desperate for relief.

Now, they are all gone! No more hot flashes!  Hooray!!! Dr. Dan tested me and after about 9 weeks on his supplements my hot flashes quit completely! I feel so good and am much more comfortable. It even affected my mood and I feel happier! I can't express enough how wonderful I feel. No more shedding of clothes. Thanks Dr. Dan!

-D.Z., age 55

My main complaint before coming to see Dr. Dan was an overwhelming tiredness. For a relatively healthy woman of 55, I thought this was unusual but had no idea what to do about it. On the referral of my daughter, who's digestive system was completely healed with Dr. Dan's help, I came to Infinite Wellness and found along with a sensitivity to sugar and dairy that I was blocked [from healing] by mercury toxicity.

I now feel great and look forward to each day knowing I will have energy for anything I want to do! I have a new-found confidence that I will continue to feel good, having learned what works and what doesn't for my body. I have a 3 hour drive to come see Dr. Dan, which might seem undoable to some, but it has been so worthwhile!


Before I came in [to Infinite Wellness Chiropractic], I was heavier and felt lethargic all the time.

Now, I have way more energy and it's harder for me to sit still! I would rather be active than at rest. I have also lost weight.

-T.A., age 14

I was very tired and low on energy. I also felt really bloated- I would see lots of marks on my ankles, abdomen, and chest area. I was having lots of headaches as well.

I have much more energy and the marks on my body have decreased in deepness. The headaches are far less frequent and now I can attribute them to something specific going on. I have gained information regarding my thyroid, kidney and bladder that I did not know and they are greatly improved.

-K.A., age 49

My main complaint before coming to see Dr. Dan was an overwhelming tiredness.  For a relatively healthy woman of 55, I thought this was unusual but had no idea what to do about it.  On the referral of my daughter, who's digestive system was completely healed with Dr. Dan's help, I came to Infinite Wellness and found along with a sensitivity to sugar and dairy that I was blocked [from healing] by mercury toxicity.
I now feel great and look forward to each day knowing I will have energy for anything I want to do!  I have a new-found confidence that I will continue to feel good, having learned what works and what doesn't for my body.  I have a 3 hour drive to come see Dr. Dan, which might seem undoable to some, but it has been so worthwhile!


My name is L.J., I am 43 and live in Otsego. I met Dr. Dan McDonald at the farmers market in August 2010. Little did I know how my life was about to change for the better. My health had always been something that was put on the back burner mainly because of the little faith I have in doctors. Now, for $20 I could get a full body scan and evaluation. My teenager was pestering me to leave but I made the appointment and am so glad I did.

When I first started the nutrition program Dr. Dan said my body was not open to healing. I needed to take supplements to remove the mercury that was in my body from my fillings. I was also told there were several weaknesses including my heart. He told me to avoid sugar, dairy, perfumes and fragrances and I was given supplements to remove the mercury and to help with stomach issues. I was skeptical but also worried; I had all those problems on top of my biggest complaints of hip and back pain. I decided it wasn't much of a gamble and I was "all in".

I had suffered hip pain off and on for about 3 years and it was getting much worse because I started jogging. After about a month of being on the nutrition program I noticed I could now run and not have near the amount of pain I used to suffer. It is at this point that my body began healing itself and I could start getting my back adjusted.

I had never been to a chiropractor and suffered for years with lower back pain and other areas of my back as well. I now know I suffered needlessly. Each week I would feel improvement, even though I would occasionally reinjure myself or pull a muscle. My daily life had been riddled with constant back pain and movements that I couldn't make without pain. Before seeing Dr. Dan I couldn't bend and straighten without pain, I couldn't sleep and wake up without pain, I couldn't do daily chores without pain, I couldn't stand for long periods of time, on and on.. Now I can do all of those things WITHOUT pain.

It is now the end of January 2011. I enjoy good energy and sleep well at night. My heart has improved. I still see Dr Dan regularly to work on nutrition and my back. I would encourage people to stick to their program and trust Dr. Dan. Things don't happen overnight, the supplements take a bit of time to work, but they are safe and effective-which no drug can claim.

Besides being very knowledgeable, Dr Dan has a very kind and helpful manner. I have told Dr. Dan that he is a Dr. who helps and I hope he continues his practice for a very long time. I recommend him to anyone!  -L.J.

Before meeting Dr. Dan my wife had been going to him for many different problems. After watching her for about a year with great results I started seeing him later that year. I have suffered with type II diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart disease and edema for years. Since August my legs and feet don't hurt anymore, the swelling in my legs is gone and I have a lot more energy and ambition. I highly recommend Dr. Dan for Nutrition Response Testing and chiropractic care.  -C.E.

Having not been a fan of chiropractic care I was skeptical and wary but intense neck pain brought me in. After 3 weeks of care I experienced a dramatic decrease in pain and after 2 months I am completely pain free. Dr. Dan is a good listener and is respectful of my time which I very much appreciate.  -C.R.

Recently, diabetic conditions have kept me out of work. Thanks to Dr. Dan, I am virtually symptom free and able to return to work. Thank you Dr. Dan!  -K.P.

I have been seeing Dr. Dan for about three months and he has become like a best friend to me. At seventy years old, I was feeling like I had about reached the end of the road. Since I broke my hip in January I just wasn't getting any energy back and then I hit my ribs, and that really set me back.
Dr. Dan has been very caring, always asking how I'm doing, and what we need to work on, be it pains, diet, or my well being. I've gained confidence back as well as energy and have been feeling much better.
I still work up to forty hours a week, swim, roller skate, go for walks and do many other things, so my health is very important to me. Thank you Dr. Dan.  -M.P.

Dr. Dan McDonald is not just your ordinary chiropractor. Aside from his thoroughness at locating troublesome nervous system problems, his knowledge of how the body works and what it needs "naturally" is phenomenal to me. His ability to center right on specific trigger points where muscles are so tight they are not allowing the rest of the body to function properly is also something I've not experienced before. And his genuine interest and enthusiasm in helping his patients be healthy individuals is a clear indication of his dedication to each and every one of his patients.  -B.H

'Enduring a life of pain'--not the way I want to live my life! I suffered from terrible back pain, osteoporosis and have had radiation therapy to my neck and throat for cancer. My general and emotional health has been on a downhill decline. My daughter told me about Dr. Dan and recommended I seek his help. I have learned so much about the way to a life of better health, free of pain. People who see me every day notice the difference Dr. Dan's care has had.  From my chiropractic care, nutritional advice and herbal supplements, I now have an 'unending appetite for life'.  Thank you, Dr. Dan!  -Y.T.

I was in chiropractic care for approximately 4-5 years prior to going to Dr. Dan.  During that time period I saw 6 different chiropractors and about 3-4 different physical therapists, a physiologist and spine specialist so I can safely say that I have experienced a wide variety of techniques.  I experienced some relief from most of these previous treatments but quickly progressed to a plateau where I stayed and my symptoms did not continue to improve as these medical professionals were only focusing on their area of expertise.  I met Dr. Dan at a business organization meeting where he spoke about his holistic approach to chiropractic care. Not only does he look at bones and joints he also looks at muscles, tendons, exercise, nutrition, herbal supplements and health issues specifically pertaining to women's' health such as iodine and adrenal gland deficiencies.  He spends a great deal of time with each patient at the initial exam which focuses on an extensive health history and physical exam using Nutrition Response Testing that looks to the deeper cause of the problem.   He also schedules a sufficient amount of time between patients and you never feel rushed at an appointment.  At a prior chiropractor's office it was not uncommon for 5-6 patients to have the same appointment time and the appointment times were 15 minutes apart which gave the doctor approximately 2 1/2 - 3 minutes per patient.  After seeing Dr. Dan for a short period of time I felt better because my pain was reduced and I slept better at night.  There are alternatives to drugs and surgery and I would encourage anyone to see Dr. Dan and find out what alternative he has that may work for you.  -L.M.

I have been a patient at Infinite Wellness Chiropractic for about three months, and I am completely satisfied with the services I receive by Dr. Dan. Over the years I have had two whiplash injuries and have treated on and off with other chiropractors, and wish that Dr. Dan would've been there for me during these periods. He takes the time for his patients, he is kind, considerate, understanding and compassionate, and he is very informative. Dr. Dan really cares about his patients. I could not ask for better service. I see a big change in my health and using his suggested food supplements, I have more energy! I highly recommend Dr. Dan to help make a difference in your life, I believe in chiropractic wellness as lifestyle! Thank you so much and God Bless you Dr. Dan. -T.C.

In the beginning, it was a struggle to get through the day. My hands were violet purple and became so dry they would sometimes crack open and start bleeding, staining my clothes. My hands looked as if they were about to fall off! On top of that, I had a knack for labor intensive nose bleeds, lasting upwards of 1 hour before I could get them to slow down. I lost so much blood I would often times be light-headed for five to six hours afterward. I thought my solution would be going to the medical doctor. Upon going there, they diagnosed me with Raynaud's Disease (which is no more than purple hands) and all they said to do is go buy this expensive hand lotion. It did absolutely nothing! I began to suffer even greater when the weather became colder and I had to resort to wearing gloves at all times (even during school) to warm my hands and hide them from the outside world. I had only one option: chiropractic care. When my mother told me I had an appointment I became skeptical and thought "I don't need this" but I was totally wrong. Dr. Dan improved my lifestyle to the way I have dreamed about. My hands no longer have their purple color. My hands no longer bleed and crack. I improved my autonomic performance, muscle performance, and I feel normal. But the most incredible thing about Dr. Dan is that he stopped my nose bleeds. Before I started seeing him I had them twice a week, and even one that lasted 45 minutes in his office. But since the start of 2009 (I started seeing him December 18, 2008) I have not had a nose bleed! Dr. Dan saved my life. By applying his special knowledge of nutrition and his incredible chiropractic skills he will be able to save yours too!  -C.B.

I have experienced different methods of chiropractic, but Dr. Dan in the first holistic chiropractor I have had the opportunity to utilize.  Dr. Dan's knowledge and skill in chiropractic has been instrumental in reducing the numerous aches and pains that I had always attributed to the aging process. I had resigned myself to the fact that at age 61 I would be subjected to feeling like this and worse, as time went on, for the rest of my life.  Little did I know that besides the chiropractic alignments and adjustments, Dr. Dan would teach me that eating wholesome, organic, and nutritious foods would promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I bless the day I met Dr. Dan.
My overall health has improved significantly and there's a noticeable difference in my activity and energy levels. After seeing Dr. Dan this past year, and utilizing the supplements he suggests, I have much more energy, and it sustains me throughout my workday and into the evening.  In addition, I am delighted to have eliminated all over-the-counter drugs, plus the gradual elimination of nearly all the prescription drugs I'd been taking throughout my adult life.  I haven't felt this good in years. I'm grateful Dr. Dan is part of my life.
With Dr. Dan's help I now foresee a bright future of good health and more enjoyable activity than I'd ever thought possible.  I hope this will convince you, like it has me, about the importance of holistic chiropractic care.  Dr. Dan will help give you back a life worth living!  -C.E.

I had been to other chiropractors before and thought all they did was walk in and crack your back. Dr. Dan is much different, you can tell by talking to him that he has your best interest in mind by the way he listens and explains the procedure he is going to do. When I first started seeing Dr. Dan I had really bad heartburn and allergies that kept me up and didn't allow my wife or I to get a good night sleep. After a few months of treatment I have not had any issues with my allergies and we are both sleeping better. I think my wife appreciates Dr. Dan just as much as I do, and she has never even met him.  -C.V.    Update: His wife is now also a patient with a great success story!

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